Cultural Projects

08 April 2020

The format of Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business pays special attention to the support of diverse cultural events. It shows best in show business projects: during the last decades COB sponsored production of many CDs with the recordings of the best Georgian and Israeli music and organized a lot of concerts of Georgian Israeli show-biz stars in the best concert halls over the world, such as Carnegie Hall, Olympia,etc.

On the initiative of the Business Chamber, a new phase in the cultural relations of the two countries began, that included not only variety art, but other branches of art, such as classical music, sculpture, cinema, modelling, etc. At present Georgian artists are very popular in Israel, both among various strata of society and members of government. Obviously, one more phase is needed for the Georgian culture to achieve popularity in the whole society of Israel, as well as for Georgian theatre to become popular among Israel elite.

The Business Chamber seeks to establish mutually advantageous cultural relations between Georgia and Israel. For this purpose, visits of Israeli groups, Israeli popular singers and dancers are frequently arranged in Georgia that promotes the Israeli culture in Georgia.

IGCOB does not limit itself with show business. Not long ago interesting ties have been established with the famous movie star Gerard Depardieu, Sophia Loren as well as with French Haute Couture designers.

At the COB, New Projects Department is particularly in charge of further promotion of the Georgia-Israel cultural relations.

We strongly feel the need of a new wave of cultural events both in Georgia and in Israel to promote Georgian culture even more within the Israeli society.