APG Georgia introduces innovative product for travel agencies

APG Georgia introduces innovative product for travel agencies
23 January 2014

APG Georgia introduces innovative product for travel agencies

APG IET, a new and innovative product for travel agencies, was introduced on January 20. As the company management explained, by using their new service, travel agencies will be able to issue e-tickets for more than 90 airlines which are not operating in Georgia, and are not members the of local BSP.

APG is the leading network for airline commercial and distribution services and serves up to 390 airlines worldwide. The head of APG Georgia Iako Khomeriki explained that APG IET is an interline e-ticketing platform developed in partnership with Heli Air Monaco (airline code: YO). “Interlining is an agreement between airlines to handle passengers travelling on a multi-airline itinerary. Airlines that participate in the APG IET program can be ticketed and interlined in 83 BSPs around the world and ARC in the United States,” she said.

As the company management stated, using APG IET allows the agency to issue e-tickets on YO ticket stock with any GDS in the world. Within the APG IET program, payments can be made via any kind of credit card valid on the local market.

“APG Georgia was established in 2012 in Tbilisi. It intends to assist airline industry development in Georgia,” Khomeriki noted, “Our company offers airline companies and airline agencies various innovative products. APG offers a wide range of products and minimizes administrative expenses by working with one partner.”

According to the company’s management, PG Georgia is the General Sales Agent of companies on the Georgian market such as Heli Air Monaco, Egyptair, Estonian Air, and British Airways World Cargo. Also, under the IBSC program, APG Georgia serves airline companies including UTair, Arkia Israeli Airlines, Air Onix, and Heli Air Monaco. 

The presentation of APG IET was made by its Executive Product Director Ophelie Cherdrong from APG Paris. Representatives from 120 travel companies attended the event.

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