Business Insider hails Georgia's IT sector. ბიზნეს ინსაიდერი საქართველოს IT სექტორს მიესალმება

Business Insider hails Georgia's IT sector. ბიზნეს ინსაიდერი საქართველოს IT სექტორს მიესალმება
02 February 2012

Aleksandrs Frolovs of DPA: Forming professionals out of specialists is possible through high-level education and training.

DPA, an international IT Company in Eastern and Central Europe entered Georgia last year in May 2011. The only gold partner of Microsoft, DPA started establishing itself on the growing market of information technologies by implementing distinguished and ambitious plans.

What is the advantage of the IT sphere in Georgia, what kind of services are available for customers, which IT solutions are Georgian companies interested in? The Chief Consultant of DPA's infrastructural solutions Aleksandrs Frolovs explains these issues.

Q: Your visit to Tbilisi followed the contract between one of Georgia's leading banks and DPA. What services did you offer them?

A: The bank took interest in our service, mostly the introduction of the complex system of functional monitoring of IT infrastructure. This will enable us to unite all the network machinery, programs and services into one system and create a unified picture of the operational infrastructure.

Other large companies in Georgia are interested in similar projects as well. They also need qualified and complex systems of evaluation and monitoring. At this stage Georgian companies are using only basic systems of monitoring.

You will agree that the installation of software and the introduction of the network system is not enough for a well-operational IT infrastructure of a company. It is necessary to analyze what processes take place between the parts any time of any day.

For business it is very important to know precisely what is happening with regards to their software, services and networks. Monitoring of the system and the audit of information technologies is very useful, as through this it is possible to detect weak points; and by removing the faults and problems, it saves the time of the personnel.

Q: Which direction of IT solutions are Georgian companies interested in?

A: The demand is diverse and differs with the quality of difficulty. DPA is offering complex IT services to the local market. Our company has a lot of experience working on complicated infrastructure projects. It also helps that we are working on the markets of Belarus and Ukraine and in 2011 we established ourselves with similar projects on the Georgian market. The most demanded product on this stage is the IT audit.

Q: What does the IT audit comprise?

A: The service differs from company to company. Specifics and procedures of audit are selected in accordance with the authorities of the company and the company's needs. We are working according to ISO standards and we take into consideration recommendations of leading IT companies, including Microsoft.

The services include security and IT infrastructure audits as well. The aim of the security audit is to estimate security risks potentially threatening any business.

Our experts are making the processes work. The audit process also includes interviews with key personnel, the evaluation of weaknesses, the identification of the current security policy and the management and expertise of IT activities. Our specialists often rely on technological instruments of the audit. Generally, the security audit is directed at ensuring unhindered operation of protection systems.

In order to define the best products for implementing security assurance procedures for the customers, it is necessary to conduct consistent analysis of the current situation. The infrastructure audit is mostly a consultation. It is necessary to evaluate the security and lawfulness of technologies and products in the company before they purchase new information technologies. Only after going through the procedures, are we ready to develop the IT strategy for any organization and provide consultations on all software related issues.

Q: You are working on the markets of several European countries? What are the differences between the markets?

A: The differences on the markets are mostly at the initial stages. Afterwards, the markets develop more or less equally. At first, the major demand of the Georgian market was ready products. However, the approach is changing gradually, similar to international practice. In order for an IT project to be successful, it should take into consideration phases of the audit, analysis and development.

Q: How important is the development of university education in the IT sphere in Georgia and what is the situation in Latvia in this regard?

A: In Georgia the IT sphere is on quite a high level. It is particularly noticed in the banking sector. However, generally there is a deficit of qualified personnel. Belarus and Ukraine have the same problem, even Latvia.

This is why the process of developing qualified personnel should start from university. Only courses and seminars are not enough. Specialists should have basic knowledge. And the most important for this is the involvement of the government and private businesses in order to support the establishment of specialized technological universities and departments.

We have a good example of Latvia where university students of information technologies have decent stipends from the private sector. The DPA is funding several successful students annually. After graduating the university, the students have internships in the companies; they have basic knowledge and need experience. I think a similar approach will work in Georgia as well.

Q: To what extent did your prognosis prove right after you entered the Georgian IT market?

A: We were aware of the attractiveness of the Georgian IT market and we had enough information on the processes and potential rivals. The competition here is quite high, which makes the work of DPA very interesting. Moreover, the market of information technologies is quite developed compared to other countries. The IT direction in Georgia is on quite a high level; therefore, we are happy with our work in Georgia.

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