Popularity of Georgian wine grows in Europe. ევროპაში ქართული ღვინის პოპულარობა იზრდება

Popularity of Georgian wine grows in Europe. ევროპაში ქართული ღვინის პოპულარობა იზრდება
05 February 2015

After being exhibited at two exhibitions in France, Georgia wine-making companies will partake in another two exhibitions: Vini Naturali and Boston Wine Expo 2015. Georgia will be one of 82 countries to represent natural wines at the exhibitions.

Vini Naturali will be held in Rome on February 14-15. The first Vini Naturali wine exhibition was held seven years ago, when there were only a few companies producing natural wine. Today, Vini Naturali is the biggest wine fair in Rome. There will be more than 2000 sorts of wine of more than 200 wine producers, including 12 Georgian companies which produce Kvevri (clay jars) wine, on show at the exhibition. Among them are Archil Guniava’s Cellar, Gotsadze Family Cellar, Lago’s Cellar, Jakhelebi, Our Wine and others.

According to the organizers there is a huge interest in Georgian wine. During the exhibition, there are plans to discuss the Kvevri wine-making technologies.

At the Boston wine Expo 2015 a seminar called Republic of Georgia: Wines of the oldest vineyards will take place where guests will be able to taste eight varieties of wine from Badagoni, Winery Khareba and Kindzmarauli Marani. The seminar will be led by the master of wine, expert Liza Granick, who has been learning the traditions of Georgian wine-making technologies since the 1980s.

According to Georgia Wine Club Marani, soon Sweden will also host a Georgian wine tasting event. This will take place in Gothenburg and will be organized by the Georgian diaspora in Sweden and Marani. Guests there will taste wine and also Georgian cuisine while listening to Georgian folk music performed by a Swedish ensemble.

By Nino Melikishvili

Georgia Today