Insurance company GPI Holding: High quality of service means high quality of the claims handling process. სადაზღვევო კომპანია ჯიპიაი ჰოლდინგი: მომსახურების მაღალი ხარისხი გულისხმობს პრობლემების განხილვის ხარისხის მაღალ დონეს

Insurance company GPI Holding: High quality of service means high quality of the claims handling process. სადაზღვევო კომპანია ჯიპიაი ჰოლდინგი: მომსახურების მაღალი ხარისხი გულისხმობს პრობლემების განხილვის ხარისხის მაღალ დონეს
13 June 2011

"When an accident happens, that's when we are most needed. That's why we are always focused on the constant improvement of our claims handling process," said Dima Dzirtkbilashvili, Claims Director, GPI Holding.

Q. Insurance services are becoming more and more popular in Georgia. However research reveals that the population's trust in insurance companies is not very high. Could that be attributed to poor claims handling services and difficulties in getting compensation?

A. It could be the case however our polls demonstrate different data: one of the priorities in choosing an insurance company is of course claims experience: fast service during accidents, insurance payment without any extra bureaucracy, fair distribution of compensation etc.
Generally, damage and claims handling consists of several stages not just in Georgia but in developed countries too. The prime and most major task is to make an objective evaluation of the damage. Calculation of the financial losses of the company is quite a difficult task. Depending on the specifics of the business, sometimes it is necessaiy to involve experts and to prepare all necessary documentation for compensation of losses in a timely and appropriate manner.
As much as insurance of large industrial risks are concerned, the decisive factor in the loss regulation process is knowledge of the specifics of the company's business. The more complicated the business, the more details must be inquired about by the insurance company. Knowledge of business specifics will help the insurance company to make a fair and timely identification of the volume of damage and amount of money to be compensated. Besides that it is vital to consider and follow all paragraphs of the insurance contract. It is in the interests of both parties, the insurance company and the client, to obey the rules of the insurance contract. Our key objective is to maximally simplify insurance and compensation procedures.
The aforementioned is extremely important for retail products.
For this reason, we have introduced a new type of service, specifically we have established a mobile group of auto insurance. It is a 24-hour service which is involved in loss regulation from the moment of the car accident to avoid the client's involvement in arranging formal procedures and documentation on his own. We do this work for him and therefore accelerate the payment process. Finally the damage compensation process in the auto-insurance sphere is maximally quick and effective.

Q. What about other areas where Georgian companies usually lack experience in claims handling such as industrial risks or for instance financial risks?
A. Our company counts 10 years of history on the market. In 2006 we joined Vienna Insurance Group, one of the largest companies in Europe. If you look at the history of the insurance sector in Georgia, which started up business 15-20 years ago, our company's experience is significantly large.
Currently more than 1,000 companies use our services and their majority buys insurance for such specific risks as business risks, property and professional liabilities. We have the biggest experience in claims management. Speed of service and professionalism are our major advantages.
When it comes to the insurance of industrial and large business companies, the company employs a risk surveyor. This is a professional who has good knowledge of a particular business sphere and can advise our client on how to reduce or avoid risks. The surveyor may advise one to install an additional fire alarm system etc. During accidents our specialists work on site and therefore enable the client to resume business in the shortest period of time.
For reinsurance purposes, the company selects reinsurance firms with a minimum A class rating. Reinsurance companies are chosen in view of the specifics of particular risks, therefore we have such big players on the market as: Munich Re, Swiss Re, VIG, VIG RE, Allianz, Gen Re.

Q. Can you. give us an example of a large claim which could illustrate your best efforts for the benefit qf a client?

A. We had a case when there was a big fire in a client's office which burnt all the equipment. The loss was too big, a few million. It was a property insurance package. Our staff were actively involved in the process from the very beginning. We brought in foreign experts to calculate the damage as precisely and correctly as possible. The company didn't spare any efforts in managing the claim in a maximally short period.
There was another case when hail and excess rain jammed a drainage system and resulted in a factory being flooded. Our client had insured the company building, reserves and equipments. As soon as the case occurred, we involved experts to make an objective assessment of the losses. It took us one month to manage and compensate the claim, which is quite an achievement, as claim regulation when several facilities are damaged simultaneously is a very difficult task.
I can recall another case when one of the largest distribution companies exporting cars in the Caucasus, which had a huge warehouse in Georgia, was affected by hail. More than 500 cars were damaged and it took us only a few weeks to handle the claim and compensate the loss.
It is of note that each of the aforementioned cases required the huge efforts, hard work and loyalty of our colleagues. The company compensates 80,000 GEL on a daily basis, so you can imagine how many insurance claims we deal with every day. GPI Holding has 8 branches in the regions to offer a maximally fast, smooth and comfortable service. High quality of service means high quality of the claims handling process.