Itsik Moshe: I achieved all goals I had defined. იციკ მოშე: მე მივაღწიე ყველა იმ მიზანს, რაც დავისახე

Itsik Moshe: I achieved all goals I had defined. იციკ მოშე: მე მივაღწიე ყველა იმ მიზანს, რაც დავისახე
07 March 2016

Caucasus Business Week had an blitz interview with the President of the Georgia-Israel Business Chamber Itsik Moshe in our Other side of Business category.

I am a specialist of Hi-Tech engineering by profession and I also hold a BA degree in education science.

I have graduated from the Tel Aviv University faculties of engineering and education. In my early youth period I was actively involved in the public life of Israel. I am the first representative of Israel in the Soviet Union and the first representative of international organizations in Georgia. At the end of 1990s, after the diplomatic/representative activities, I changed my profile and founded the first bi-national business chamber (Georgia-Israel) in Georgia.

I easily found a job place. I was employed at the first interview. I started working in the period of my college studies as a loader at the filter manufacturing plant, during vacation periods. I started my first official and serious job at Tadiran, the international company of electro communications.

Naturally, I was content with my first salary that made up 320 USD. Anyway, even the 1/10 amount of this sum would make me happy. I was very pleased to realize that I was a financially independent person and I had started contributing to the family budget. I perform the most useful job at dawn, from 05:00 to 08:00 period.

I go to my job place at 9 o’clock every morning. Initially, I discuss the agenda jointly with the company administration and manager, as well as mail and tasks that I usually send to my employees before 08:00. I would never work in the retail trade, because I prefer to create than to manipulate with the creature and start purchase-sales activities.

The most important thing in the life is to make benefit to your homeland. This is my priority. Most of all I am afraid of the moment when the so-called internal voice and the soul of charity disappears, when the money becomes a goal in itself, not the mean for attaining other goals.

I have frequently thought of what I would do and of what I have failed to do. I guess, maybe, I am a boring person, because till now I have achieved all goals I had defined ever. Everything should be done for career success that does not violate the moral frames.

I would suggest Georgian businessmen to pick up business culture and terminology of Israeli colleagues and analyze that investors and tourists represent friends of the country and they perform a special role at this stage of the development of Georgia.

We are able in Georgia to fully express ourselves in the business sector or various projects. Regretfully, businessmen lack for similar opportunities in more developed European countries. I love travelling as part of my official visits. Maybe, I am a boring person in this respect too. I cannot receive pleasure from only trips and relaxation without business activities.

I like communicating with journalists, when they come well-prepared and well-organized. Tiramisu is my favorite dish. I do not have any favorite direction in sport, because I am not addicted to sport, because my job is my sport (brainwork in this case).

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