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Arabic-Jewish Competition on Geo Market Increasing Investments
17 August 2017
Mere days have passed since the Chamber of Business announced the increasing interest of businessmen from the world’s Jewish community in Georgia’s hotel sector, and now a real estate agency has added to the great news by claiming that the data of recent years shows a much larger volume of investment is also coming from Arabic countries (UAE...
Georgian Tourism Industry Becoming Interesting for Jews Worldwide
10 August 2017
Interview We spoke to Itsik Moshe, the President of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business, about the Georgian tourism sector and the growing interest of the Jewish community in visiting the country. “Positive shifts can be observed in many directions...
იერუსალიმში „ისრაელის სახლის“ მიერ ორგანიზებული ჰასბარას ფორუმი ჩატარდა
09 July 2017
იერუსალიმში, მენახემ ბეგინის ცენტრში გაიმართა „ისრაელის სახლის“ მიერ ორგანიზებული, საერთაშორისო ასპარეზზე ისრაელის წარმოდგენის - ჰასბარას ფორუმი, რომელსაც ქნესეთის წევრები, მათ შორის ორი ვიცე სპიკერი და მმართველი კოალიციის ლიდერი...
24 December - First International Forum
17 August 2016

December 24
Grand openning in theatre in Tbilisi
The Gala Concert, “We stand with Israel”, with international stars’ performance and in participation with Governmental authorities
Lighting the first candle of Chanukah

December 25
BDS - modern form of anti-Semitism
Workshops, seminars and plans for 2017
Activity of Israel and World Jewish organization abroad - discussion on reforms
Strengthening cooperation with friendly countries
Honorable reception hosted by Israeli House EE