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Initiative: Georgia will provide construction workers to Israel. ინიციატივა: საქართველო ისრაელს მშენებლებით უზრუნველყოფს
17 March 2014
The Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business is considering an initiative to attract construction workers to Israel. While in Georgia they earn only 350$ a month, in the Holy Land they can make good money. Contractors Association: “We get workers from anywhere in the world...
Israeli investors to promote tourism in Georgia. ისრაელი ინვესტორები საქართველოში ტურიზმის განვითარებას შეუწყობენ ხელს
13 March 2014
‘Israeli Investments for the Development of the Tourism Industry’, a forum – dialogue held by Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business (IGCOB) on March 12 presented Georgian businessmen and Israeli experts with the opportunity to meet with potential partners and develop cooperation. According to Itsik Moshe...
Local businessmen to be actively involved in interactions with Israeli investors. ადგილობრივი ბიზნესმენები ისრაელელ ინვესტორებთან ურთიერთქმედებაში აქტიურად ჩაერთვებიან
06 March 2014
The statistics demonstrate that Georgia experienced significant growth in the tourism sector in recent years and this trend is becoming more and more visible, according to Itsik Moshe, the President of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business (IGCOB). “The tourism industry is one of the main priority fields of Georgia with an increasing demand and...
Three Business Forums In 2014. სამი ბიზნესფორუმი 2014 წელს
05 March 2014
Business Forum of Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business – Direct Dialogue between Georgian Businessmen and Israeli Experts. On March 12, 2014 on the initiative of Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business (IGCOB) a business forum – dialogue will be held in Tbilisi between the Georgian businessmen and the Israeli experts. The topic of the forum is “Israeli Investments for the Development of the Tourism Industry”.
Liberty Bank introduced low-rate credit card. ლიბერთი ბანკმა ახალი, მოკლევადიანი საკრედიტო ბარათი შემოიღო
07 February 2014
Director of the bank Sandro Rtveladze stated on the presentation that the special card is for the individuals, who pay property tax, has 20% rate with 55-day preferential period and includes various benefits.
Commercial banks increased mortgage loan portfolio by 175 million GEL. კომერციულმა ბანკებმა იპოთეკური სესხის პორტფოლიო 175 მილიონი ლარით გაზარდეს
27 January 2014
Commercial banks issued a combined total of GEL 1,228,678,361 in mortgage loans as of the end of 2013. The sum is over GEL 175 million more than the previous year’s figure.
“APG Georgia” introduces innovative product for travel agencies. „APG საქართველომ“ტურისტული სააგენტოებისთვის ახალ ინოვაცია წარადგინა
23 January 2014
APG IET, a new and innovative product for travel agencies, was introduced on January 20. As the company management explained, by using their new service, travel agencies will be able to issue e-tickets for more than 90 airlines which are not operating in Georgia...
Itsik Moshe: “If we work in coordination, it is possible that interest from Israel will return to the level of 2007”. იციკ მოშე: „თუ ვიმუშავებთ კოორდინაციით, შესაძლებელია, ისრაელიდან დაინტერესება 2007 წლის დონეს დაუბრუნდეს”
17 January 2014
The Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business has agreed with the leading Israeli media outlets, that leading Israeli economic media journalists will visit Georgia in February this year to learn about the country's business environment, later it will be shown in Israel. საქართველო-ისრაელის ბიზნეს პალატა იწყებს ფართომასშტაბიან აქციას...
Under the final agreement with Rixos, construction will cost additional 10 million dollars. რიქსოსთან საბოლოო შეთანხმებით, მშენებლობისთვის დამატებით 10 მილიონი დოლარი გამოიყო
01 April 2013
Professional discussions held on the project Rixos in recent months, eventually ended this week with the agreement signed between the company CityM and the international network of luxury hotels Rixos.