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The insurance industry is back to growth. სადაზღვევო ინდუსტრია ზრდას უბრუნდება
11 July 2011
The insurance industry is back to growth, as shown by Swiss Re's annual assessment of global insurance markets for 2010. Premium volume grew in three quarters of the 78 markets covered in the publication. Growth was particularly strong in emerging markets. At the same time capital and solvency in the insurance industry improved robustly but low interest rates still had a negative impact on profitability.
Inflation rate falls in June. ინფლაციის მაჩვენებელი ივნისში დაეცა
11 July 2011
According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia the annual inflation rate fell to 10.0% in June 2011. This alteration has caused an expectation of reduction of the inflation rate in society.